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HITECH SYSTEMS is driven towards providing its customers with world class techno smart products and services that improve safety, save energy and enhance lifestyle without unnecessary cost. When it comes to solutions for Manufacturers, Architects, Fabricators, Installers and consumers. We are proud to be associated with fellow partners as the sole selling agents of their products

 From basic devices based on press-control, flow-control or pressure-dependent with a single pump for single family dwelling, small communities or other specific applications, to the sophisticated inverters for boosting hydraulic installations.


ELBI Series of Hydro-Pneumatic water well tanks represents the latest development in well tank technology and comes with a true deep-drawn design with one single body weld which gives it reliability, lightness and efficiency.

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Danfoss variable speed pump controllers are the ideal solution for automatic on-demand water supply in multiple outlet applications. 

Leader for over 30 years in manufacturing float switches for the water level control.Level control for liquids, particularly suitable for use on purification tanks used in sewage and/or waste waters purification system ducts, septic tank discharges, industrial water, etc. provided they do not contain sedimentation and compact layers that could hinder its movement

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Valbrass italian brass and stainless steel components and products are manufactured with high accuracy adhering to international standards. these components are used in pumps, water pipelines, plumbing lines, gas pipelines and pneumatic pipelines. We offer over 3000 products of Valbrass as their  distribution partner in India.


Samusco develops state of the art starting switches for single phase induction motors. The innovative and effective solutions from Samusco have been successfully adopted in numerous residential and commercial machine application throughout the world.

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